Singing Bell Batons

Need a singing baton or two to make your handbells sing enchanting chords and melodies?  Bells of the Lakes now offers handmade singing batons designed to allow you to safely sing your bell just like a wine glass.  To sing your bell,  hold your bell upright in one hand like you about to ring it, grasp your baton at the top with a ringing grip in your other hand with extra baton sticking out below your hand, and stir the outer rim of your bell until it starts to sing.

We recommend the following number of batons for choirs based on the number of octaves in your choir:

3 Octave Choir = 4 batons
4 Octave Choir = 5 batons
5+ Octave Choir = 6 – 8 batons

Singing batons are available in two sizes, large and small.  Size, however, makes no difference in the ease or quality of singing the bell, but ringers do have a preference as to which is more comfortable for them.  Singing batons are half coated in rubber & half stained black with a polyurethane seal for a classic performance look. Either end can be used to sing your bell.  It’s ringer preference (again) as to which is easier for them to produce an even, musical sound.


Singing Bell Batons - Small
Singing Bell Batons - Small
Small Batons are 8″ long and 1″ in diameter.


Singing Bell Batons - Large
Singing Bell Batons - Large
Large Batons are 8" long and 1 1/4" in diameter.


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